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New Classic Series-4 (8+5)Kg | Washer/Dryer Series

Model: F4J6TMP8S

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True Steam | 6 Motion | Inverter DD motor | Full STS Drum | Motor 10year Warranty

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Product Features

FAST&CLEAN WASH with Turbowash™

The TurboWash™ significantly reduces wash times, saves bundles on energy and cleans clothes better. It sprays water

directly onto fabrics for approximately 120 seconds, making the already impressive rinse cycles

even more efficient than ever before.


LG TurboWash™ cuts down a regular wash program to only 59 minutes. Plus TurboWash™

slashes energy costs,reducing electricity consumption up to 15 percent and water consumption up to 40 percent.

Do laundry in less time than ever and save on utility bills, too.


The direct drive motor that powers our washing machines is super reliable and really quiet. We know it is

one of the best wash machine motors on the market, which is why all our machines come with a standard

10-year warranty on the motor and parts. Nothing standard about that now, is there?

OPTIMAL WASH for fabrics

Select a wash program and 6 Motion Direct Drive technology moves the wash drum in

multiple directions,giving fabrics the proper care while getting clothes ultra clean.

Key Features
Centum™ System No
Inverter Direct Drive™ Yes (Post DD)
Steam™ (True/Spa/-) No
TurboWash™ No
6 Motion Yes
Energy Efficiency Class A
Add Item Yes
Smart function

Smart Diagnosis
version 3.0
NFC (Download cycle, NFC)                                                                                   Yes



Body Color
Stone Silver
Door Stone Silver Rim + Black Tint
Display Background color Black
Dial Knop Stone Silver

Max Wash Capacity(kg)

Max Dry Capacity(kg) 5
Spin speed 1400/1000/800/400/No spin
Variable Temperature(℃) Cold/20/40/60/95℃
Water feed (Hot / Cold) Cold Only
Auto Restart Yes
Standby Power zero Yes
Spray Detergent water (Circulation) Yes
Atomizing Rinse Sray (Turbowash) No
Ball balance system No
Door Switch type Auto Door
Door Openning Angle (º) 120
Drum Volume (liters) 59
Drum Hole Size (mm) 300 (R)
Drum Light No
Inner Drum Embossing
Drum Lifter Wave Lifter
Aqua-Lock Yes

Program selector

Dial + Touch
Diaplay Type White LED
Figure indicator (Remain time, temp, RPM)                                                         18:88
Delay timer 3-19 hrs
Start/Pause Indication O(Start buttion Blink)
Door Lock Indication Yes
Error Message Indication Yes
Error Message Alarm Yes


Wash Program
Cycle No. 14


Cotton+ Yes
Mix Yes
Easy Care Yes
Duvet Yes

Gentle Care

Stain Care Yes
Hygiene Yes
Baby Care Yes

Sports Wear

Download Cycle (Default Rinse+Spin)                                                                   Yes
Direct Wear (WD only) Yes
Wash+Dry (WD only) Yes (5kg)
Quick 30 Yes


Additional Options
Prewash Yes
Crease Care Yes
Time Delay(Delay End)                                                                                            Yes
Child-Lock Yes
Beeper On/Off Yes
Tub Clean Yes
Wash Option


Normal Yes
Rinse Option


Rinse+ Yes
Dry Option (WD Only)

Normal Eco

Low Temp. Yes
Iron Yes
Cupboard Yes


Download Cycle
Baby Wear Yes
Kids Wear Yes
School Uniform Yes
Swimming Wear Yes
Rainy Season Yes
Gym Clothes Yes
Jeans Yes
Blanket Yes
Sweat Stain Yes
Deodorization No
Single Garments Yes
Color Care Yes
Quiet Wash Yes
Rinse+Spin Yes
Quick Wash + Dry                                                                                                    Yes
Dry 30 Yes
Dry 60 Yes
Turbo Dry Yes
Shirt Dry Yes


Stain Care Option(Best Claim Only)
Curry No
Pepper No
Ketchup No
Vegetable stain                                                                                                          No
Coffee No
Tea No
Fruit stain No
Red wine No
Make-up No
Cola No
Fat/Oil No
Soy sauce No
Lip stick No
Mud No
Shoe polish No
Rust No
Grease No
Egg No
Cocoa No
Chocolate No
Tomato beef sauce No
Spinach No
Blood No
Grass No


Dimension (W*D*H mm) 600x450x850
Box Dimension (W*D*H mm)                                                                                660x655x885
Weight(kg) 68
Weight include packing(kg) 72


Washer Only (Product fiche pursuant to Delegated Regulation (EU) no. 1061/2010)
Brand LG
Energy Efficiency Class A
Awarded an ‘EU Ecolabel award’ No
Energy Consumption, wash+spin+dry (kWh/cycle)                                             5.44
Energy Consumption, wash+spin (kWh/cycle) 1.04
Washing Performance Class A
Washing extraction effiency for a standard 60℃ 44%
Max spin speed (RPM) 1400
Wash Capacity (KG) 8
Drying Capacity (KG) 5
Water Consumption, wash+spin+dry (litres/cycle) 110
Water Consumption, wash+spin (liters/cycle) 56
Washing and drying time (Min) 645
Energy Consumption Year, wash+spin+Dry (kWh/year) 1088
Water Consumption Year, wash+spin+Dry (liters)/year) 22000
Energy Consumption Year, wash+spin (kWh/year) 208
Water Consumption Year, wash+spin (liters)/year) 11200
Standard Washing Program Cotton+ 60℃ + Max rpm

Product Specifications

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