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Sony 4GB Waterproof Walkman (NW-WS413) | Walkman Series

Model: NW-WS413

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• USB: Yes • Storage: 16GB • Charging Time: 1.5hrs • MP3: Yes

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Product Features


• 4 GB capacity
• Connectivity: USB connection Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0 compliant), input and output terminals Hi-speed USB (USB 2.0)
• Playback and Display: MP3, linear PCM, sound effects dynamic normaliser
• All-in-one design for wire-free workouts
• Memory storage in mb is 4000
• High-Performance music player
• Comfortable wearing



Size & Weight


32 G


Battery Life - Continuous Playback Music

Linear Pcm(1411kbps) Ambient Sound Mode On:7 Hours(Approx.), Ambient Sound Mode Off:10 Hours(Approx.), Mp3(128kbps) Ambient Sound Mode On:8 Hours (Approx.), Ambient Sound Mode Off:12 Hours(Approx.)

Charging Time (Full Charge)

1.5 Hours

Charging Time (Quick Charge)

3 Minutes (60 Minutes Of Use)

Storage Media

Memory Size



Usb Connection

Hi-Speed Usb(Usb 2.0 Compliant)

Input And Output Terminals

Hi-Speed Usb (Usb 2.0)

Playback & Display



Linear Pcm


Sound Effects

Dynamic Normalizer

Audio Playback

Aac, Linear Pcm, Mp3, Wma


System Requirements

Mac Os® X (V10.6 Or Later), Microsoft Windows® 8, Windows Vista® (Sp2 Or Later), Windows® 7 (Sp1 Or Later), Windows® Xp5 (Sp3 Or Later)


 Waterproof even in salt water

Waterproof and Dustproof to IP65/IP68 specifications, the NW-WS410 Walkman will maintain operability when submerged in water to a depth of 2 m for up to 30 minutes even in salt water. The swimming earbuds must be used for the waterproof design to function correctly. Please note, after usage in salt water always wash your Walkman according to the supplied instructions.

Made for extreme temperatures from -5℃ to 45℃

Work out in the height of summer or the depths of winter. The NW-WS410 can handle almost any weather conditions and temperatures from -5℃ to 45℃.

Ambient Sound Mode

Ambient Sound Mode uses the microphones built into the left and right side of the Walkman to allow you to hear the ambient sounds around you, even as you listen to music. So, you can listen to your fitness instructor or talk to your friends without missing a beat.

Protects against dust and sand

From beaches to dusty mountain trails, there's no need to worry about dirt or small particles entering the NW-WS410. It's waterproof and dustproof to IP65/IP68 specifications, giving you complete confidence in the performance of your Walkman.

All-in-one design for wire-free workouts

This Walkman is built into a headset with an all-in-one design that lets you focus on your workout rather than a tangle of wires.

Quick charge, 12-hour battery

Running out the door to workout? Charge the NW-WS410 Walkman for just three minutes and get a full 60 minutes of use. With an impressive total battery life of up to 12 hours 2 on a full charge and ready to go.

Wrap-around headband for free movement

Enjoy the freedom to move with a secure wrap-around headset. Designed to fit comfortably to your head, this lightweight headset stays in place, so you can run, jump, and train harder.

Take charge in the water with built-in controls

When you're in the pool racking up the laps, you can shuffle tracks, turn up the volume and easily switch between playlists with built-in controls in your Walkman headset.

Drag and drop all your files

With a Walkman player, you are never tied to just one music service. Just drag and drop MP3s from iTunes, Windows Media Player or Internet Explorer and enjoy. Multi-format playback also lets you play WMA, AAC-LC, or L-PCM music files.

Standard and waterproof earbuds for versatile listening

Get the best sound for your workout with a choice of standard or waterproof earbuds. Standard earbuds give you a comfortable fit and balanced sound. Hitting the pool? Switch to the waterproof earbuds; a thin film covers each earbud, preventing water damage within the Walkman and optimising sound levels for underwater listening.

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